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Wilson Broadcasting was founded in 1989, which consist of WJJN-FM, WAGF-FM,and WDSA-AM , FM and  WJJN TV 20 consists of six television stations (channels) which are News Net, Retro TV, Family , Classic TV LukenTV and .  With such a wide array of  choices we are sure to meet your viewing needs. 

  • News Net is a local and national news-sports and weather channel  detailing current societal.

  • Retro Television Network is an American Broadcasting television network, that mainly airs classic television sitcoms and drama series from the 1950s through the 1980s.  channel 20.1

  • The Family Channel is an American general entertainment television network.

  • Luken Tv is a English language specialty channel.  The channel was established as a spin-off of Showcase focused on action genre films and television series. channel 20.4

  • Action TV carries a variety of different programs, car and truck shows, exercise programs,wrestling, car racing and etc

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